MC-3200X Konica KM512i 4 Heads High Speed Solvent Printer

MC-3200X Konica KM512i 4 Heads High Speed Solvent Printer

Idea for this model :


1, Fast Speed ,Konica 512i is much faster than Seiko SPT510, Konica KM512.


2, Cheap cost to invest for outdoor advertising business.


3, For who want little future cost of maintenaice.

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Advantage & Feature :


1, Heavy-duty Industrial Strong design, much reliable and stable. 72 hours working.

2, Key parts are applied with the best brands accessaries, ensure long life and stable working ability.

3, Japan Konica Printhead is the most popular brand , 512 nozzles, with 30 picoliter, full body is coverd by Iron.

4, Printing System is from Hanson, which is the oldest and most famous developer in China.

5, Double Leadshine Servo Motor, make sure the movement in high precision, so that the printing will be stable.

6, Printing paltform is made of Alloyed aluminum, distortion will never happen, high planeness .

7, Much faster printing speed, help you to win clients, finish work in short time.

8, Easy Maintenaince, operate like a toy . Convinient design and simple control.

9, 3 year warranty, much longer than other suppliers, no worry for the future cost or problems.




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