Some basic questions about UV Printer

1.UV flat bed printer can make money for me? Buy a UV flatbed printer can make money ? This is a question that a lot of just ready to enter the printing industry customers will be tangled.The answer is yes. UV printer from entering the market, has more than 10 years, the application is very extensive. From sign business to decoration industry, and recognized by consumers.   2.What media can I print on a UV flatbed printer? The reason why UV flatbed printers are developing [...]

Relationship between flex banner type and weather resistance

  We know that the main quality indicators of measuring flex banner (PVC material) are: tear resistance, UV resistance, permeability, ink absorption, light transmittance, whiteness. There are two ways to produce light box banner: laminating type (calendering method) and coated type.1, laminating production method is to produce two layer molding PVC film, by heating, under the pressure of the hot roller and the middle of the light guide fiber together, cooling molding. The biggest characteristic of this kind of technology is [...]

Three core factors for high printing quality

  Wide format printing technology provide high efficiency for the advertising industry, in the choice of inkjet printing equipment, users pursue higher print accuracy, faster print speed, more stable use of performance at the same time, also have a very high demand for inkjet print color accuracy and rich color performance.   The accuracy of color performance can more fully embodies the printing image and color gamut effect. Wide format printing technology in the printing industry to achieve the desired application effect [...]

Comparison of parameters of print head

Comparison of parameters of print head  Print head nozzle Printing width Nozzle distance Physical precision Ink droplet volume Ignition frequencySPT510 510 71.8MM 188.5UM 180DPI 35PL 8KHZSPT1020 1020 71.8MM 188.5UM 180DPI 35PL 12KHZKONICA512 512 36.1MM 70.5UM 360DPI 14PL 12.8KHZKONICA1024 1024 71.8MM 70.5UM 360DPI 14/42PL 12.8KHZRICOH G5 1280 64MM 60UM 360DPI 7PL 60KHZEPSON 180*8 36.8MM 20.4UM 1440DPI 3.5PL 18KHZPS:Seiko SPT, Konica, Ricoh ,Epson (printing speed= printing width *Ignition frequency)    Ricoh print head This print head is real industry type,made in Japan, is one of most Cost-effective print head on the market.specially the new G5 print head, with 7pl ink drop, 60khz ignition frequency, printing printing fast and high quality. variable ink drop technology, Grayscale make the printing more stable and smooth. With stainless steel for under plate, the print head is crash-proof.not [...]

DTG printer process

DTG printer processOnly print color: 1,Temperature: 330F-340F (166 ℃ -170 ℃) heat press clothes 2,Time: 60S 3,Pressure: low pressure 4,Before pressing need to wear silicone paper on the clothes (very important).    Print white ink 1, printing pre-preparation (1). With high pressure to heat press clothes, guarantee the T-shirt cotton  fiber formation, with flat surface can print better image. (2). Time: 30S   2, pre-processing before printing the image (1)print the picture at 14cm * 17cm , the amount of treatment solution is between 20g-25g (0.7 to 0.9 ounces). (2)Do not use [...]

Epson Printhead installation Guide

Installation guide How to install the first print head 1.Check external appearance 2.Switch on electricity, check the carriage reset action is normal or not 3.if carriage reset OK, check heaters, fans working well or not 4.Install software 5.Connect USB cable, install driver 6.check forward and backward function 7.Install Maintop software and install driver 8.RIP a picture and printing (without install the head) 9.Check printing status, then checks material auto feeding and auto take up system function well or not (press the two button to check if running) 10.Check the print head [...]

How do we distinguish a EPSON 5113 print head is coded ?

When the EPSON 5113 print head first time on the market. It is not coded. But at present, the coded EPSON 5113 has been sold on the market, so how do we distinguish a EPSON 5113 nozzle is coded or not? There are two ways to distinguish:   one: from the two-dimensional code below the letter can be distinguished, the letters are G, GH, H, is not coded print head, two-dimensional code under the letter is GHR is for coded.   two: if it [...]

Key points of Epson print head installation

Epson print head is currently widely used in a variety of printing machine, the impact of the print head on the printer is quite large,in the new purchase of a printer or replacement of print head must pay attention. Installation of piezoelectric printer nozzle instructions:   1, the installation of piezoelectric print head is very critical, the main reason is the print head is more expensive, more squeamish, installation errors may greatly affect the normal printing of the state of the piezoelectric print [...]

Note of using solvent printer

  1, Solvent Printer is more sensitive to static electricity, equipment, ground should be handled under the guidance of the installation staff.   2, The operation of the control panel or nozzle, must first cut off the power, and anti-static measures.   3, the computer system in the RIP file should be cleaned at any time to ensure that the hard disk has enough space.   4, should not open other software when program is running, can not open the two printing program.   5, when printing can not transfer [...]

Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor solvent ink

How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor solvent ink? The following important indicators are indispensable:   1,excellent light fastness and weatherability: Because of the outdoor painting picture hanging for a long time in the outdoors, UV, acid and alkali, dust and air pollution will affect the picture, so to choose light fastness level 7 (the highest level of Grade 8, because of the color reason, some parts in the world is only up to 7), weatherability level 5 (highest grade [...]