MC-1930Q 1.93m Epson DX7 Eco Solvent Printer

MC-1930Q 1.93m Epson DX7 Eco Solvent Printer

Idea for this model :


Price (FOB Shenzhen ) : USD2800-4600


1, Who has printing quality requirement. More important, who want trouble-free and stable work.


2, New Printing shop, because, cheap machine is made of cheap spare parts, which can’t work so perfect and short life.


3, Big Printing shop, the machine can continue to work 24 hours. Quality is stable enough to support the big printing work.

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Advantage & Features :


1,Entire Industrial design for the whole machine. Make sure Stable, Smooth, High-Efficient Working. Beam and platform is made of Aluminum alloy. Long life to work and high precision.


2,Hanson board is the best Digital Printing System. Widely used for high-end factory and clients. Stable electronics, Faster speed, higher resolution, Trouble-free, Easy maintenance.


3,Printhead can be equipped with Japan Epson DX5/DX7/ New dx5 (xp600). Which has been applied in the market for lots of years. 2.5pl nozzles realize 1440DPI printing.


4,Bulk ink supply system(CISS), Low cost for ink, and save time to fill ink manually. And there is alarm if lack of ink to remind you fill ink. Very convenient design. No worry for stop working.


5,Drying system is equipped with both fans and infrared heating system. Fast drying for printed picture. Improve working efficiency. While printing, then finish the drying work, no need to wait.


6,Power system, we use servo motor on our equipment, its importance is to ensure every move X or Y, can be 100% precision and stable. No deviation. Picture looks 100% correct and beautiful. Brand is the best brand of China, Leadshine or JMK.


7,  3 year warranty ( exclude ink system and printhead ) . 99% supplier give 1 year warranty. But we give 3 year for our clients. No worry for future cost.



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